Best article I’ve read related to this whole…

Maybe if Jordan and I had kept in touch, he would have seen how pro-life people gave me hope and took care of me and my baby.  He would have seen how pro-choice people were only giving me one choice — abortion.  He would have seen the reality of who my daughter is, and would have to feel much differently about this issue.  She is not a “rape baby.”  She is MY baby.  She is the baby of a rape victim, and she is worthy of life.  Children like her should not be punished for the crimes of their fathers.  Thank you Marie-Claire for defending us.

Best article I've read related to this whole... Jeremy Seifert originally shared this post:

Best article I’ve read related to this whole thing.

Since watching this video I have caught myself grieving. The Jordan I knew died when I saw that video. But it hurts more when I realize he is still here — but he cares so little about my child’s life that he would kick a woman for suggesting we do anything other than abort children like mine.

This incident has damaged so many people, including him. I pray this is a lesson learned, I pray this opens his eyes, I pray he opens his heart, and I pray that the Jordan I knew comes back some day. I also pray for his victim as she recovers from the trauma of this incident. And I pray for my daughter. I pray that some day, people will see her worth.

Before He Assaulted a Pro-Lifer and Before I Became Pregnant By Rape, Jordan Hunt Was My Friend |

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