This time of year, public officials utter a collective groan as the steady stream…

This time of year, public officials utter a collective groan as the steady stream of complaints about Christmas-themed events and displays spread their usual holiday mischief.

According to the article, the separation of church and state is not as cit and dry as many would believe. But because defending their right to such displays would be cost-prohibited, most just acquiesce to the demands by complainants to remove the offending display.

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Most of the articles I saw were just shooting off at the mouth

This one seemed to back it up with some facts, like what's normally done, when, and why.

So the hair length should have been addressed at the weight in and a protective cap would have been sufficient to resolve the issue.

This ref seems to have overstepped his bounds when making his decision. I won't say why (since I don't know) but the popular assumption is that he's racists. He might be or he might have had a personal issue with this player or this team. Or maybe he's just a jerk and happened to pick on this player because he happened to be wrestling next.

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Here’s What I Want to Know About Why A Referee Made a Wrestler Cut His Dreadlocks
The state high school athletic association and civil rights office is investigating an incident in which a white referee forced a black high school wrestler to cut his hair, or else forfeit his match.