I'm thinking it's time

I'm thinking it's time

Time to finally invest in a Blu-Ray Player. But I don't want to make a big investment as I don't have the power system to benefit from a high-end player.

I want built-in Wi-Fi and the abulity to stream Amazon Prime and Netflix. Beyond that, I just want simplicity. Something that's easy to use and reliable. At $89.99 this seems like the right choice even though it doesn't include the HDMI cable ($6 extra).

What do you think?

I'm thinking it's time

Amazon.com: LG BD670 3D Wireless Network Blu-ray Disc Player with Smart TV: Electronics

+Robert Andersen, you can now add me to …

+Robert Andersen, you can now add me to your Samsung Galaxy Nexus circle if you want.

I am happy to report that at 2:30 Thursday afternoon I became the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, thus retiring my Original Motorola Droid (the top phone at the time). I upgraded because my old phone was just way to laggy in basic operations and was quickly becoming un-usable. From taking pictures to opening email to showing icons on the home screen – it just wouldn't do.

I knew the new phone would be much faster but I was surprised at how much faster. Between the faster processor and the 4G network, I am so very happy about my choice. Look for funny videos, coming soon.

Zombie Lane

Zombie Lane crops have been a sticking point for many players, especially the Super Crop which seems like a huge under-performer. But if you look at the stats we see a different picture…

per hour profit:
Strawberries = 180 coins per hour
Radishes = 80 coins per hour
Watermelon = 20 coins per hour
Corn = 25 coins per hour
Onions = 13.33 coins per hour
Bell Peppers = 22 coins per hour
Carrots = 10.83 coins per hour
Pumpkins = 8.96 coins per hour
Beans = 8.54 coins per hour
Cabbage = 7.64 coins per hour
Super crop = 35
Trees = 40 coins per hour*
*after recovering initial $600 cost (15 harvests)

Now obviously you're not going to harvest the strawberries so efficiently as to get 180 coins in one hour since you take time to harvest and replant but you can get a huge coin influx if you plant a large number all at once. Plus you can't harvest all the time so some crops are going to be idle overnight while others will still be growing while you're sleeping (or working).

So if you're looking for straight coin revenue, trees seem like the best investment since they don't wither. Strawberries are good for quick coins but require a lot of labor (radishes, too). After that, corn, bell peppers and super crops are your best investment. You just need to figure out which crop fits your schedule.