So I'm no legal expert and I don't use Instagram but there seems to be some…

So I'm no legal expert and I don't use Instagram but there seems to be some shady actions by the photographer in this situation.

First off, photographers and other creators deserve full credit AND compensation for their work. However, in this situation, the photographer wanted compensation for his Instagram post being reshared on Instagram.

Now laws vary by country but I think you give up some rights when you use Instagram, specifically the right to compensation for reshares within Instagram.

As to the actual facts of what happened – the band reshared an Instagram post and the clothing designer reshared that post. A few days later, the photographer asked the clothing designer for licensing fees. The band removed their post. It's unclear when the designer deleted their post.

Based on the photographer's demands and treatment of the designer, the band decided not to allow the photographer into the photo pit at their events. They notified the people responsible for granting such access.

The photographer then posted about how he was banned for protecting his copyright. The band says it banned him because of how he handled the situation.

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  1. No actually. If you post something on Instagram you own all rights to it, it's your image. It's frustrating that people think that as soon as you share something on social media it becomes publicly owned. It does not. I have had to do exactly this same thing when my images have been stolen off Facebook and Instagram

  2. + Tabletop Gaming Deals from what I understand, they didn't copy the photo, they simply reshared the post. Or is that not how Instagram works?

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