So this looks really cool

Every time I see something like this it makes me want a 3D printer of my own. But then again, a few hundred dollars buys a lot of board games, so…

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Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer by Megawillbot
Support me by purchasing a print on Etsy!
Seeing as it’s almost Halloween, I thought it’d be as good time to do my take on a pumpkin… or a spider… aw heck, why not both?
Quick youtube animation::
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5 Replies to “So this looks really cool”

  1. Have you been in Home Depot lately? This year, they have giant black spiders and several life-size realistic skeletons. I'm talking big 3 ft diameter spiders that are black and creepy! I'm going to put 2-3 around my front door. I bought a skeleton to put in the trunk of my car!

  2. + Ron Pemberton I haven't but I've seen what they've had in years past. Very impressive but anything we get also has to be stored so we are very discerning about what we add to our collection.

  3. It's storable. Do you mean size-wise? For me, the spiders and skeleton are a good and durable investment.
    I'm vexed this year about Christmas ornaments and decorations. In particular, I'm considering a fake tree. I have always done the natural route. Here in the N. Georgia/ E. Tennessee region, real trees have always been plentiful and affordable. But, in the past five years they have grown much higher in price and crudier in selection. There was a very pretty and real looking fake tree at Lowes the other day – around $275-300. I may invest.

  4. We're never in town for Christmas so we do minimal decorations and go to grandma's fake tree every year. I have no qualms about real vs fake as both are better than nothing.

  5. A 3d printer would also make a lot of really nice board game piece organization boxes/dividers/etc.

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