This is so stupid it's funny

_Despite negative opinions, soon after the painting dried, the sound of a loud stampede could be heard. Soon, a cloud of dust came flying at the painting with feet sticking out of the bottom of it. The feet were wearing worn shoes, clearly implying that the moving cloud of dust was the crowd of migrants. When the crowd reached the wall, what happened next was completely unexpected. The crowd ran directly into the painting and disappeared somewhere beyond the Statue of Liberty. _


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Trump Paints Inviting, Photorealistic Archway To America On Border Wall
TIJUANA—President Donald Trump arrived early this morning in Tijuana to employ his own unique tactics to thwart the migrant caravan who have traveled on foot more than 2,500 miles from Central America seeking refuge in the United States.With a single can of paint and a brush, Trump rapidly painted a photorealistic scene of an inviting archway that appear …

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